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How To Install & Use Adobe Acrobat

To install Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free from Adobe):

1. Click on the yellow Acrobat Reader icon under our SST Charts links. (This will take you to Adobe's site.)

2. In the Step 1 box, select "English" for Language:, the version of Windows (or Mac OS) you are running for Platform:, and USA for Location:     (This tells Adobe what version of Acrobat to download and which server to download it from.)

3. Click the red Download icon in the Step 3 Box. (You can leave the info in the Step 2 Box blank.)

4. One or two smaller gray boxes will pop up in the middle of your screen. Both will say File Download in their top bar.     If you get one that says "You are downloading the file: ... Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?" click the Save button.

5. When the Save As gray box pops up, you need to tell the download where to put the file you are about to download. This location does not matter to the software, but you need to know where it is because you will have to find it when the download is finished. DO NOT changethe name of the file or its type. DO make a note of the file name so you can find it later.     There is a dropdown select or at the top of the box that will have a folder name in it. (The large white are in the middle of the box is showing you what is already in that folder.) If this is not the folder you want to save the download in, click the arrow to the right of the folder name to see a list of locations. If you're not sure where to put it, just select (C:). This will put it in the "root" directory of your C drive.

6. Once you have the folder selected, click the Save button. This will start the download.

7. When the download is finished, close your internet connection. (Close Internet Explorer, NetScape, AOL, or whatever you use to get onto the internet.)

8. Open the folder where you downloaded the file. For example, if you downloaded the file to the root directory of your C: drive as described above, double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, then double click on the C: icon to open the C drive root directory. Find the file that was downloaded. Double click on it. This will install Acrobat Reader.

To use Acrobat Reader:
Just click on one of the PDF links on our site. Acrobat Reader will automatically run whenever you try to open a PDF file.

To print from Acrobat Reader:
Click the printer icon in the bottom menu bar (second icon from the left, not counting the red A symbol). You can also select Print from the File menu. Either option will open the standard Print box from which you can select your printer (if you have more than one), set printer properties, etc. To print the chart, click the OK button.

To zoom in on the chart:
Click the magnifying glass icon (sixth from the left). (This will change your cursor to a magnifying glass when it is over the chart.) Put your cursor over the center of the area you want to zoom in on and click the left mouse button. If you right click, a selection box will open beside your cursor that allows you to directly select several different zoom settings, including fitting the chart to the window. This is the fastest way to "unzoom."

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