3D View of the Georgia's Blue Water Targets

Below is a three-dimensional shaded bathymetric contour chart of Georgia's blue water targets created using HotSpots Charts, LLC 3D software. Dark red represents the shallowest depths, dark blue the deepest.  From this view, the ledges from the South Ledge to the Triple Ledge can be seen to have the sharpest decent starting from the 30-fathom curve.  The Deli and Sow Pen sit just off the 30-fathom curve in an area with a more gradual decent which includes some interesting bottom features.  The Edisto Banks sit on the 30-fathom curve, and there is a plateau just east of this popular blue water target.  Bait sometimes hold over plateaus like this when they are not hanging over ledges.

Although Gulf Stream fingers generally follow the 30-fathom curve as they move north, they tend to start pulling offshore around the Deli and Sow Pen areas.  The Gulf Stream makes an east turn as it nears the South Carolina coast, usually somewhere between the Deli and Edisto Banks areas.  Weaker fingers sometimes break off at this eastern turn, becoming warm water eddies.  These eddies will move generally northward between Sow Pen and the Edisto Banks areas, and hold some of the best blue water fishing Georgia has to offer in a small and easy to work area.  Watch Sea Surface Temperature charts for the development of these eddies and catch their action, which can include mahi-mahi, wahoo, blue marlin, and at times yellowfin tuna.

For those who have the range, the South Hump presents some of the best potential yellowfin tuna action along the Georgia Coast.  Because of this feature's location (off of the Continental Shelf), it is almost always in core Gulf Stream water.  This blue water target rises over 400 feet to a depth of 750 feet, producing upwellings that can hold blackfin and yellowfin tuna, in season.  There is a good reason why 10 to 20-pound tuna are nicknamed 'marlin muffins', so be sure to run the right size gear when working this Georgia blue water target or you might get spooled!

Blue Water Target Latitude Longitude
Edisto Banks 32 03.410 79 24.540
Sow Pen 31 38.230 79 40.120
The Deli 31 32.100 79 44.040
The Deep Water Wreck 31 21.500 79 50.450
Triple Ledge 31 15.715 79 52.560
The South Ledge 31 05.970 79 55.390
The South Hump 31 01.300 79 41.300

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